Side Dishes & Desserts

Baby Bakers

Baby Bakers
We choose Baby Bakers that are carefully grown and harvested at 1-2 inches to deliver
premium baked potato flavor, texture and appearance. (No we do not personally go
the fields and pick these cute potatoes ourselves.  We let J.R. Simplot Company do
that for us). Our Baby Bakers are then roasted whole, with the delicate skin-on to
maintain a buttery yellow flesh.  We lightly season with soybean oil, roasted garlic
and black pepper.   This says Idaho all over it.
(Serves up to 8)   $11.99 each


Mediterranean Blend Roasted Vegetables

Med Roast Veggies
We have combined Robust with Mediterranean!  This side dish is a blend of
Roasted Yellow Squash, Roasted Green Zucchini, Baby Whole Carrots, Green Beans,
Roasted Onions, Roasted Red Peppers, Roasted Green Peppers, and Roasted Yellow Peppers
(there will be a pop quiz later on all these vegetables).  Serve this side dish at your next
gathering and your guests are going to think they are dining at some château in France.  
(Serves up to 8)     $11.99 each


 Redskin Mashed (4lbs of yumminess)

Redskinned Mashed Pot
You will never make your own mashed potatoes after you have served these
Garlic Redskin Mashed Potatoes.  This side dish is made with 100% redskin
and Russet Potatoes.  Delicately seasoned with real roasted garlic puree and spices which
sends a message of flavor. We don’t mash around with this one!
(Serves up to 8)   $11.99 each



Flame Roasted Fuji Apples

Fuji Apples
These little gems are naturally sweet (just like the person preparing them) and tart to
compliment any dish.  This is a very easy and versatile side dish. We season them with cinnamon
and brown sugar to create a deep, rich and caramelized appeal.  They are pre-roasted which
adds a robust flavor.  There are many applications for this just right sweet treat.   They
make a great breakfast ingredient such as crepes, pancakes, tartlets, cinnamon rolls or   
splash them on French toast for fun. They go great with our beef pot roast, tri tip or prime rib.  
(Serves up to 8)   $11.99 each


Boise Bistro Market features Dessert Stacks too!!

Peppermint-Brownie-StackPumpkin Cranberry Stack